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Cambium Multi MIMO

Cambium shows us some of the features and benefits of the 450 and MU – MIMO.


New PMP Solutions (LTE baby)

-450M is the 3GHZ platform of today.
-LTE will be a split architecture system
-LTE standards-based
-Working on the ability to swap out an existing AP from another manufacturer and still keep the subscribers.
-Named “cnRanger”
-450 is still going to outperform LTE in many ways

-8×8 Baseband unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Heads (RRH)
-BBU can drive 4 2×2 radios to provide 350 degree coverage
-One radio for a single Sector MU-MIMO support
-Fiber optic connection between BBU and RRH
-Release of 3.xGHZ in Q2 2019 is the goal
-64 SMs per sector initial
-2x Gige ports in the BBU
-Possibility and possibility is stressed, that 450 3ghz subscribers might be able to connect to the new platform.
-Sim cards are aiming to be built in.

Full site approximate price for a complete build for $15,000.

Things could change

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Cambium Roadshow 2018 Morning Session

Recently I attended the Cambium Roadshow 2018. Some notes.

-Epmp 3000 expected to be here in September.  4×4 Mimo product. Early marketing should be coming in the next couple of weeks.
-820C pricing is getting aggressive.
-Mikrotik Open beta Elevate is out.  Ability to elevate Mikrotik units.

Force 300
-second radio can be used as management access or a realtime spectrum analyzer
-No more java client for the analyzer
-65k packets per second
-About 10% throughput at the sector in a legacy network.  Future software updates can lessen this.
-Dynamic spectrum capability
-Future vision is to have CNMaestro be aware of spectrum. This opens up the ability to view channels and interference on a network level.

450 Product Line
-Channel sizes have increased to 30 and 40mhz
-450b radios Integrated (17dBi for $299) and high gain (24dBi for $349)
-New processor
-4.9-5.925 GHZ
-Single gigabit port
-30 volt power supply, polarity Agnostic
-450 3.65 will be SaS compliant

-iPhone app should be here soon.
-Ability to push configs from the App

-8×8 mimo due to physical size. 12×12 or 16×16 would mean a very large product
-Integrated 90 degree sector
-Direct DC power
-SFP port
-Current SMs will connect


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PMP Software release 14.1.1

New Software Release 14.1.1 update includes:

450i Access Point now supports PMP 450 and PMP 430 Subscriber Modules. Network operators can replace a PMP 450 AP with the PMP 450i AP and benefit from improved packets processing capability of the PMP 450i.
450i ETSI complance for EU customers.
450i IC compliance for customers in Canada.