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Tower One Spring show
Tower one is kicking off its early spring road tour with the following stops to conduct tower safety and rescue training. If anyone would like to join any of these classes feel free to contact us at: sales@toweroneinc.com

March 26-27th Upland, Indiana
April 8-9th Lasara, Texas
April 10-11th Lasara, Texas
April 16-17th Mitchell, Nebraska
April 18-19th Albuquerque, New Mexico
April 22-23rd Amarillo, Texas
April 24-26th Iola, Kansas
April 29-30th Salisbury, Missouri
May 1-3rd Terre Haute, Indiana

Comcast FLEX offering


Microsoft says FCC overstates broadband

FCC resolves some WHITESPACE petitions

Indiana iOT Lab Video

The Indiana IoT Lab is releasing its first State of IoT report, which focuses on the core economic pillars in Indiana: manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. The State of IoT report features than 20 companies that speak to the business climate for connected technologies in central Indiana. AgriNovus, along with our partners Beck’s Hybrids, Ice Miller LLP, The Bee Corp and fellow Central Indiana Corporate Partnership initiative Conexus Indiana are among the companies and organizations included in the report.