Calling all Texas ISPs to the 2019 US Mikrotik user meeting

Are you an ISP in texas? Are you looking for better connectivity? Come visit midwest-ix for our new partnership in texas-ix at the US mum in Austin this coming Thursday and Friday (April 4th and 5th 2019).

If you haven’t registered today go over to the MidWest-IX facebook page and send us a message for your ticket, which includes free meals.  You don’t get the free lunches with the standard ticket.

#usmum2019 #peering #keeptrafficlocal


Save bandwidth on Apple updates

Like many networks, you have users using Apple devices. iPhones, Ipads, computers, and other Apple devices are constantly updating apps, downloading updates, and other content.  MTIN can install an OSX Caching server on your network. This low powered server caches software updates, allowing faster downloads, especially for new iPhone IOS updates.

Contact MTIN today and learn about our turnkey solutions for making your Apple users happier.