New PMP Solutions (LTE baby)

-450M is the 3GHZ platform of today.
-LTE will be a split architecture system
-LTE standards-based
-Working on the ability to swap out an existing AP from another manufacturer and still keep the subscribers.
-Named “cnRanger”
-450 is still going to outperform LTE in many ways

-8×8 Baseband unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Heads (RRH)
-BBU can drive 4 2×2 radios to provide 350 degree coverage
-One radio for a single Sector MU-MIMO support
-Fiber optic connection between BBU and RRH
-Release of 3.xGHZ in Q2 2019 is the goal
-64 SMs per sector initial
-2x Gige ports in the BBU
-Possibility and possibility is stressed, that 450 3ghz subscribers might be able to connect to the new platform.
-Sim cards are aiming to be built in.

Full site approximate price for a complete build for $15,000.

Things could change

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Cambium PTP

820 C HP
-Basically does everything the 820C does but more power
-Field replaceable diplexer. can buy one chassis and swap diplexers instead of swapping the entire radio.

820F IDU
-4096 QAM
-1U split mount
-Can get a lower and higher power ODU

PTP 670
-High capacity multipoint added. Supports up to 8 end points. Requires a multipoint license key
-Over the air license re-keying
-Dynamic Spectrum Optimization

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Cambium Roadshow 2018 Morning Session

Recently I attended the Cambium Roadshow 2018. Some notes.

-Epmp 3000 expected to be here in September.  4×4 Mimo product. Early marketing should be coming in the next couple of weeks.
-820C pricing is getting aggressive.
-Mikrotik Open beta Elevate is out.  Ability to elevate Mikrotik units.

Force 300
-second radio can be used as management access or a realtime spectrum analyzer
-No more java client for the analyzer
-65k packets per second
-About 10% throughput at the sector in a legacy network.  Future software updates can lessen this.
-Dynamic spectrum capability
-Future vision is to have CNMaestro be aware of spectrum. This opens up the ability to view channels and interference on a network level.

450 Product Line
-Channel sizes have increased to 30 and 40mhz
-450b radios Integrated (17dBi for $299) and high gain (24dBi for $349)
-New processor
-4.9-5.925 GHZ
-Single gigabit port
-30 volt power supply, polarity Agnostic
-450 3.65 will be SaS compliant

-iPhone app should be here soon.
-Ability to push configs from the App

-8×8 mimo due to physical size. 12×12 or 16×16 would mean a very large product
-Integrated 90 degree sector
-Direct DC power
-SFP port
-Current SMs will connect


MTIN Family of web-sites

MTIN Family of Sites
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