Mikrotik Chains Explained

What the wiki says:

  • input – used to process packets entering the router through one of the interfaces with the destination IP address which is one of the router’s addresses. Packets passing through the router are not processed against the rules of the input chain (DST address of the router)
  • forward – used to process packets passing through the router (SRC and DST is not on the router)
  • output – used to process packets originated from the router and leaving it through one of the interfaces. Packets passing through the router are not processed against the rules of the output chain


Cisco Rolled Cable

I was recently talking to a gentleman who came by and purchased some excess Cisco gear for his CCNA/CCNP studies.  I got on the topic of he didn’t need the special cisco cable if he had serial to ethernet adaptors.  Basically a Cisco rolled cable is just a cable with the ends flipped.
As you can see the order is just reversed on one side.

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BGP Looking Glass

One of the things we have been doing more of here at MTIN is BGP setups.  I am starting a series of posts on BGP troubleshooting and tidbits

Looking Glass

A looking glass can help you see how certain parts of the Internet view your advertisements.  This can be very helpful in troubleshooting.  Is someone in Europe seeing your advertisement? How about the guy next door?