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Make your own Cisco Rollover Cable

In a pinch, you can make your own Cisco Rollover Cable.  Or, if you want a longer cable so you aren’t holding your laptop in weird ways while standing in front of a rack of routers.  Great for labs as well.

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xISP news Friday November 13 2015

Some notable news for the xISP world.

Netflix Releases Streaming reports for the national ISPs

Comcast Adds streaming service for cord cutters

Folks are cutting the cord

Sprints Wimax is shut down


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Cisco Rolled Cable

I was recently talking to a gentleman who came by and purchased some excess Cisco gear for his CCNA/CCNP studies.  I got on the topic of he didn’t need the special cisco cable if he had serial to ethernet adaptors.  Basically a Cisco rolled cable is just a cable with the ends flipped.
As you can see the order is just reversed on one side.