UBNT Aircube Update

A while back I did some posts on the Ubiquiti networks Aircube.

While cleaning my office I figured it was time to plug this guy back in and do a check of the new firmware. As soon as it was online, I logged in and was greeted with a firmware update message. I like it when this happens.

After just a few short minutes of verifying and then upgrading I was able to see what was new.  I have to say the firmware has come a long way.  I am not surprised, as I reviewed this product early in its life.  I was expecting things to get better and better and they did.

We now have PPPoE on the wan, a more unified dashboard, VLANs, UNMS, and VLANs.  For those of you with UBNT networks, this fits as a managed router nicely now.

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