2019 MTIN pricelist

MTIN is announcing changes to our pricing structure effective March 1, 2019. In order to simplify things, we are consolidating into two different pricing structures.

Non-Contract Customer
$139 per hour during normal business hours (8am-5pm EST time)
$159 per hour for after hours and weekend
First come first serve. No SLA.
Minimum of 1 hour

Contract Customer
Normal Business Hours (8am-5pm EST time)                           $91 per hour
Late night & Weekend support                                                 $110 per hour
Must Purchase in 6-hour blocks ahead of time to meet response times below for any non-scheduled work.  After hours work can be scheduled ahead of time for normal business hour pricing.
All contract customers will incur a minimum of 1 hour per month.
SLA Response
Normal working hours (3-hour maximum)
Late night and weekend (4-hour maximum)

All existing customers with time balances will not be affected at this time.

Project Rates
For customers who need specific projects, we offer our 6-hour block of time at a discount of $89 per hour.  There is no SLA includes as projects are agreed for a completion date when taken on.  Project rates do not include support on anything but the project.  If additional support is needed it can be billed at the above rates.
Projects are negotiated on a case by case basis based upon the scope of work, time frame needed, and other circumstances.

Upcoming changes at MTIN

Welcome to the second month of 2019. I have some exciting changes coming which will make this a more exciting year. These changes will affect how MTIN does business. As many of you have noticed I am doing more Youtube and similar projects.   These will be increasing. Look for more product reviews, deep dives, and educational videos.

MTIN will be cutting down on the amount of available consulting time for new clients.  For a long time now I have believed the best way to help network operators is to have a tighter relationship with those whom I support.  This means getting more and more involved in their networks on a regular basis.  As a result, the pricing structure will change somewhat.

The first change will be dropping of the tiered support model.  We will now have contract and non-contract customers.  More on this in a different post.  Secondly, I have taken on a more active role with a couple of clients here in Indiana.  This means I am dedicating more time to their networks. Networks are becoming more and more complex and having a consultant that understands both the technical and business aspects is very helpful to you as a network operator.

Does this mean MTIN is not taking on more consulting business? No, but it it means I am more selective on the projects and clients I bring on. MTIN is not a big consulting firm, nor do I wish to be. As many of you have seen I launched the JSW consulting brand awhile back.  You will start to see more and more distinction between MTIN and the JSW brand. Look for some new web-sites coming shortly.

Over the next few weeks, I will be finishing up some projects on the plate for current customers.  After that, look for some exciting announcements.