Router OS 6.13

Straight from Mikrotik

What’s new in 6.13

*) console – comments are now accepted where new command can start, that is,

    where ‘/’ or ‘:’ characters can be used to start new command, e.g.

/interface { # comment until the end of the line



*) backup – backups by default are encrypted now (with user password).

   To use backup on older versions, you should disable encryption with dont-encrypt

   flag when creating it;

*) files with ‘.sensitive.’ in the filename require ‘sensitive’

    permission to manipulate;
*) lcd – reduce CPU usage when displaying static screens;
*) l2tp – fixed occasional server lockup;
*) pptp – fixed memory leak;
*) sstp – fixed crashes;

Simply click “Check for updates” in QuickSet, Webfig or Winbox packages menu. If you run v5 or older, download the newest NPK package from our webpage, upload to your router, and reboot: