Making space on Cisco Nexus switches when you are out

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Cambium WISP

Quick and dirty video on upgrading epmp firmware

Just a quick video on doing a manual upgrade of ePMP firmware.  Both a GPS radio and a NON GPS radio. Nothing fancy.


New routerOS 6.34.4

From Mikrotik:

To upgrade, click “Check for updates” at /system package in your RouterOS configuration interface, or head to our download page:

What’s new in 6.34.4 (2016-Mar-24 13:13):

*) bonding – fixed crash on bonding slave release;
*) bonding – fixed mac-address disappearance after reboot in specific setups;
*) chr – fixed reboots with license and queues;
*) console – allow unknown scan-list names on wireless configuration to fix import;
*) fastpath – fixed rare kernel failure;
*) ipsec – take into account ip protocol in kernel policy matcher;
*) mac-winbox – try to aggregate packets & resend all pending packets on timeout;
*) ppp – do not crash when received multiple CBCP packets;
*) ppp – fixed crash when ppp interface gets disconnected and user gets authenticated at the same time (most probable with slow RADIUS server);
*) quickset – fixed wan interface selection on devices with SFP interfaces;
*) quickset – use 5GHz interface instead of 2GHz interface on SXT Lite5 ac;
*) rb3011 – fixed high cpu load breaks ethernet stats;
*) rb3011 – fixed link down messages;
*) romon – fixed romon discovery after romon ID change;
*) timezone – fixed reboot by watchdog when selecting timezones from the end of list;
*) userman – fixed www crash;
*) winbox – allow to show revoked & authority flags at the same time;
*) winbox – correctly recognise if there is need to report fan information under system health;
*) winbox – do not use area v2 names instead of ospf v3 area names;
*) winbox – make mac-winbox work with RB850.

Cambium Networking Wireless WISP

Upgrading ePMP Cambium firmware


Cambium Releases ePMP v 2.4.3

Software Release 2.4.3 is now avaialbe. 

The release includes the following updates: 

  • L3 Routing on the SM 
  • Multiple User Login on the GUI 
  • 4.9 GHz support under Country Other 
  • Ability to enable and disable management access on the SM from the Ethernet when Management VLAN is configured 
  • Ability to disable the SM’s primary Ethernet port 
  • Ability to disable factory default through power reset sequence

Performance Enhancements 

  • Improvements to UL Latency enhancing TCP throughput under interference 
  • Improvements to Rate Adapt mechanism in ePTP mode 
  • Memory optimization

Upgrading EPMP GPS Firmware

Beginning with System Release 2.0, users can upgrade the firmware of the on-board GPS chip present on the Connectorized Radio with Sync.

To upgrade the on-board GPS chip on a Connectorized Radio with Sync:
1. Navigate to Monitor => GPS to check the GPS Firmware Version that is currently present on the radio.

2.If the GPS Firmware Version displays AXN_1.51_2801, navigate to Tools => Software Upgrade

3.Under the G P S F i r m w a r e upgrade section, select the same package used to upgrade the device’s firmware ex: ePMP-GPS_Synced-v2.4.2.tar.gz.

4.Click upgrade

5. The upgrade can take up to 3 minutes. Once the upgrade is done, the radio’s UI prompts for a reboot and the reboot button will be highlighted.

6.Click the Reboot button on the top right corner of the UI.

7.Once the radio has completed its reboot process, check under the Monitor => GPS page to check the firmware version