MidWest Co-Location Special

1U Server co-location Special
-1 IP (more based upon justification at additional cost)
-Dual A/B power (dual power or transfer switch capable)
-Multiple transit BGP carriers (HE.NET, Cogent)
-MidWest-IX ( peering
-Dedicated gigabit port
-10 Megs of burstable bandwidth (more available)
$99 a month
$99 setup fee

Lots of add-ons available. Direct peers to Chicago, FedRamp certified facilities, redundant metro connections, redundant data centers.

Data Center Highlights

  • 99.995% uptime
  • F5 tornado resistant architecture
  • N+N redundant power and cooling
  • Fire suppression and environmental controls
  • Multi-layered security systems
  • Secure workspace for staging, storage and offices

Contact us today for questions and to setup service.


MTIN creates Midwest Internet Exchange

We are excited to announce the Midwest Internet Exchange (midwest-ix). Current Locations include:

733 West Henry Street Indianapolis, Indiana
350 East Cermak Chicago, Illinois.

Please visit for details (web-site under construction)

Data Center

Indianapolis Indiana Co-Location Specials

Indy Single Server Co-Location $89 per month
1U rack Space
10 Meg Internet connection
1 120 Volt Power Outlet with A+B Power
Free Monitoring of Server

Indy Single Router/Switch Co-Location $79 per month
1U Rack Space
1 120 Volt power Outlet with A+B Power
Free Monitoring

Indy Raw Rack Space $69 per U