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PodCast: Mum 2019 chat with JJ & Eric

Sat down With JJ Mcgrath and Eric Sooter at the Mikrotik User meeting in Autin for a little “routerside chat” about the WISP industry. #routinglight #routingrf #bendingpackets #podcast

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PodCast: Mum 2019 JJ & Eric ISP talk

Sat down With JJ Mcgrath and Eric Sooter at the Mikrotik User meeting in Autin for a little “routerside chat” about the WISP industry. #routinglight #routingrf #bendingpackets #podcast

Routerside chat with Eric and JJ
Cambium epmp FlashBriefing podcast

Dmitry from Cambium talks about ePMP 3000 antennas

I was able to sit down at WISPAMERICA and talk with Dmitry from Cambium about some of the misconceptions of using 3rd party antennas with ePMP 3000.

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Flash briefing

Tower One Spring show
Tower one is kicking off its early spring road tour with the following stops to conduct tower safety and rescue training. If anyone would like to join any of these classes feel free to contact us at:

March 26-27th Upland, Indiana
April 8-9th Lasara, Texas
April 10-11th Lasara, Texas
April 16-17th Mitchell, Nebraska
April 18-19th Albuquerque, New Mexico
April 22-23rd Amarillo, Texas
April 24-26th Iola, Kansas
April 29-30th Salisbury, Missouri
May 1-3rd Terre Haute, Indiana

Comcast FLEX offering


Microsoft says FCC overstates broadband

FCC resolves some WHITESPACE petitions

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Flash Briefing: 5G, Speedtest pi, forums

Flash Briefing for March 15 2019

BGP hacking and prevention
Talks about

Make a raspberry pi speedtest box

5G Conference in Orlando Florida in May

Upcoming Conferences
Mikrotik User Meeting (MUM) April 4th and 5th
CHI-NOG May 23rd
Indiana xISP meeting May 16th. More details to come

Looking for a different perspective on XISP stuff? Check out the DSLReports forums
There is also a forum for ISPs. There is a fair amount of spam in this one, but can have some interesting topics.

#bendinglight #routinglight #routingrf #sneakernet

FlashBriefing podcast

Flash Briefing: FCC news, cambium millimeter wave

Your j2Podcast flash briefing for
The Fcc is having a hearing on Rural broadband on March 12th.
House to introduce a bill to reinstate net neutrality
To access some of the funds, rural carriers must “significantly expand” access to internet service with download and upload speeds of at least 25Mbps and 3Mbps, respectively. According to the FCC, its $67 million offer could expand high-speed broadband service to up to 110,000 homes across 43 states in the U.S.
Cambium introduces millimeter wave radios in the 820 line



FlashBriefing podcast

MTIN Flash Briefing February 28,2019

 Amazon and eero announced that Amazon will acquire eero. eero’s home mesh Wi-Fi systems set up in minutes and blanket every room of a customer’s home in high-performing, reliable Wi-Fi.

Cambium has published the results of their recent WISP survery

Most IPV4 addresses are going for around $20 at auction and brokers as of this writing.  The price keeps going up.

What is your calibration strategy on your cable and RF install tools?

FlashBriefing podcast

Flash Briefing Feb. 201 2019: Broadband divide news, Apple TV service

Show links

Apple to launch TV Service

Cambium Enterprise Switching Webinar


MTIN Flash Briefing Febray 19, 2019. 900 Mhz Antennas

In this Briefing:

KP Performance announces a new 900 mhz antenna

Looking for billing help? I have a colleague who is exploring getting back into doing Billing work for ISPs.  If you need help let’s have a conversation.

MidWest-IX will be exhibiting at WispAmerica 2019.

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MTIN Flash Briefing Feb 7 2019: Arin and 5G news

Your flash briefing for Thursday, February 7, 2019


Potential Misuse of ARIN unmet requests list

At their business meeting in January 2019, the ARIN Board of Trustees,
in light of the potential misuse of number resources under NRPM section
4.1.8 (Unmet Requests), suspended issuance of number resources per NRPM
section (Fulfilling unmet needs), and referred NRPM section
4.1.8 to the ARIN Advisory Council for their recommendation. ARIN will
complete open transactions to waiting list organizations where IPv4
addresses have already been approved pending fee payment.

5G isn’t the answer for rural broadband

Verizon halting 5G home deployments

Firmware Updates
IgniteNet –