Baicells Nova 436 News and Trade-In

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Announcement and updates on Nova 436

Below is an announcement recently posted by Baicells regarding reboot issues with the Nova 436 units:

As you are aware, our Nova 436 units have been experiencing reboot issues in the US market, with approximately 30% of the units affected. Our engineering teams have spent a significant time investigating, debugging, and analyzing both the hardware and software in the unit. We truly appreciate our customers patience and help throughout this process. Today, I am happy to provide an update to all of you.

We have identified the root cause of these issues to be related to the manufacturing and assembly process of the units, which impacted the quality and reliability of the unit, especially the three batches that were shipped to our US market. With these lessons learned, we will continue to take extra precautions to ensure we spend more time working with our manufacturing partners on quality assurance details for any future products.

As part of our review of these issues, we have decided to make the decision to discontinue sales of the current Nova 436.This will allow us to reallocate resources required for optimizing the supply chain process resulting in production of a more reliable product. As part of this process, we have been actively developing a new 436 version eNB, and are targeting a release date to be the next 90-120 days. Further news and details of the new eNB model will be shared when appropriate.

For any current Nova 436 eNBs which are exhibiting intermittent reboots, we are offering a 2-for-1 trade-in option. In exchange for each Nova 436, we will ship two Nova 233 Gen2 eNBs. For those who are not experiencing any reboot issues, you will have the opportunity to trade in for the next generation eNB once released.

To initiate the trade in, please send an email to with the subject “Nova 436 Trade-In Request” and provide your company name, address, phone number, and eNB serial number. A Baicells sales representative will reach out to handle the logistics of the exchange.