IgniteNet Metrolinq 60 new Firmware

  • New Feature: Added 12 client support for 60GHz radio
  • New Feature: Added MCS12 support for 60GHz radio
  • New Feature: Added STP control
  • New Feature: Added Jumbo frame support for 5GHz radio (up to 7912)
  • New Feature: Added support for RSTP passthrough
  • New Feature: Added L2 and L3 MTU control options
  • Improved:RSSI (signal level) representation for 60GHz
  • Improved: traffic shaping ruleset
  • Improved: UI (added L2, L3 mtu to dashboard)
  • Improved: failover mechanism with high system load
  • Fixed: mDNS (GUI issues)
  • Fixed: interfaces not being added to bridge
  • Fixed: 60 GHz radio scan problem
  • Fixed: IGMP snooping
  • Fixed: missing stations list stats gathering
  • Fixed: SSID validation issue
  • Fixed: config restoration when management vlan is used