Post Show Specials

MTIN is offering some post WISPAPALOOZA specials

-Dude monitoring Instance. Bring up your own external Dude service for monitoring your network.
$20 a month with a free setup ($400 value)

-Hosted Spam Filtering for 1 domain $12 per month. 99.99% accurate

-Backup DNS Services $10 per month.

These specials are good until Halloween. After that they expire.

BGP lockdown hints

As I am preparing talks for the upcoming WISPAPALOOZA 2014 in Las Vegas I am making some notes on advanced BGP.  If you are running BGP, and want to lock it down a little here are some general hints.  If you want more attend my session in Vegas or look here afterwords for the full rundown.

General Hints for BGP filter.

1.Filter all all the bogon addresses unless you have a specific need. If you have to ask you probably don’t have a need so filter it. Bogons are:,

2.Don’t accept your own IP space from upstreams.  There should be no reason someone is advertising your own IP space back to you that is not a downstream customer.  I mean dowstream as to someone you have assigned your own IP space to.

3.Limit the maximum number of prefixes your router will accept.

4.Most ISPs don’t announce anything less than a /24.  Configure your filters to not accept anything smaller than a /24 unless you have a specific need to do so.

5. Separate iBGP from eBGP.

6.Understand the defaults for the platform you are using.


MTIN Spam Filtering for your domain

$15 per month Contact MTIN for more details

Outperforms the competition
We catch more spam and do it with substantially fewer false positives than other spam filtering solutions.
Easy to use
Nothing to install, configure or train. SpamHero will even detect your valid email addresses.
Tracking 100+ million senders
Sender behaviors are tracked in realtime. The sender’s reputation is weighed during the filtering process.
Over 4 million filters
Every message is scrutinized through a mind blowing number of filters. All filters are consistently tested for accuracy.
17,000+ filters added daily
Using spam traps around the world we are able to detect new spam attacks as they occur and adapt to them instantly.
Expert administration
team of spam techs work 24/7 to test and create filter rules.  The result: consistently accurate filtering. 
Incoming, unfiltered email directed to your domain.   Along with the good email you want, it includes a barrage of spam, phising and virus emails that you don’t want.
A simple change to your domain’s MX record puts MTIN’s extremely powerful and remarkably accurate filtering service to work for you.
The bad stuff is put in a “quarantine viewer” so that there’s no chance of ever losing good email.  In the unlikely event that a good message is blocked by SpamHero, it can be viewed in either the included shared quarantine or optional individual quarantine viewers.
GOOD email is delivered to your domain without delay …BUT… the bad email is captured (quarantined) by MTIN!

-Less Infrastructure for you to maintain. Our servers do the processing of the spam
-Less false positives and spam for you to deal with
-No expensive hardware or support contracts
-Low cost $15 per domain per month
-Web-Based control panel